My aunt had eye infection recently and it was cured after consulting the eye specialist. Once it was cured, doctor recommended her to another doctor for CT scan to check if there is any infection left. But in that scan we accidentally found that she had a lesion in her brain and doctor told us to go to city hospital for further treatment. On the day when she was taken to city hospital I was in the church praying the whole day but unfortunately doctor there advised her for surgery and already gave her the medicinal course for surgical preparation. He also told us that the lesion compressed her internally and that is why she had eye infection. After hearing this I was heartbroken and when I was about to return home I found the St. Jude’s 9 day novena chaplet right in front of me. I took it and started the novena. My aunt’s condition was getting worse due to the side effects of the high dose medicines. So we decided will not take her back to the same hospital rather take second opinion from another specialized hospital in Mangalore. But during that our family was going through a tough time. Somehow on the 7th day of novena we decided to get back to the eye specialist who initially suggest the CT scan. She checked the report and said that the eye infection had nothing to do with the brain lesion. She suggested it just to make sure the infection has not spread. She also told that if it is really something to be worried about then we have saved her life by knowing this before she could get any symptoms and this may not be anything serious at all but even then get second opinion from other hospital as she cannot completely guarantee since she is not a neurosurgeon. Upon hearing this we had hopes of her condition not being serious yet still worried. Since my aunt is 60+ and very weak we saw that she could not tolerate the medicinal symptoms. So we decided even if the doctor recommends surgery, will not go for it. Finally when we took her to the hospital in Mangalore, doctor thoroughly checked her report and said she is completely fine and he don’t think that the lesion is very new in her brain. It must be there from a very long time without bothering her and most people have it, it’s common, no need to take any medicines. He said if we are still bothered will check it again after 6 months. After hearing this we were so happy about God’s graciousness. I am grateful to St. Jude for answering my prayers. I am thankful for finding his favour. Thank you St. Judge. All praise and honor belongs to God.

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