My wife was still nursing our second baby when all of a sudden, she went missing. I returned from work in the evening of this faithful day and I met my wife’s absence. When I asked, I was told that she went to the market and was yet to return. She did not go to the market with her phone and so I couldn’t call her. She didn’t return and everyone was left in the dark. In my confusion, I reported it to the police and made public announcements on TV. When no information came, I started thinking that she may have been used for ritual. Then I started going to different prayer houses and prophets. On the sixth day of her missing, I discovered that the more I go to these prophets and prayer houses, the more money I spent in vain. Then I heard about St. Jude Thaddeus and his Shrine at St. Dominic’s. I came and I was taken to the director, Fr Moses Ani. I made my confessions to him about going to all these places. I told him why I had come; he took me to the Shrine. At the Shrine, he simply asked me to drop my wife’s name which I did and offered my prayers that my wife should be found. He blessed me and told me that the novena was beginning the next day (May 31, 2019). After three days, I called him and told him that nothing had been heard. He told me to be patient as the novena had not ended. The novena ended on Saturday June 8, 2019 and on Sunday June 9, 2019, I got a call from the police to come to Ikorodu to pick up my wife. When I got there, I saw my wife who was picked up by the police by the river bank at the end of Ikorodu. She was very weak and we immediately took her to the hospital. It was after she was stabilized in the hospital that I was able to call Fr Moses to share the testimony of what God has done for my family through the powerful intercession of St Jude Thaddeus.

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