My School Journey with St Jude

I came across devotion to St. Jude on a friend’s page on Facebook. What caught my attention was that he’s known to intercede for cases almost despaired of. At that time, I was in my 3rd year in school and my exam was a week away but I was yet to balance up my school fee, without which I won’t write exam and there was no hope of getting it anytime soon. I didn’t know what prompted me to try the prayer but I’m glad I did. Two days after I started, our exam was postponed and I got a call from a long-time class mate who upon hearing my voice, asked if I was alright because I didn’t sound cheerful. I told him I was alright but he insisted that he was sure I was not alright, that I should feel free to tell him what was disturbing me. I finally opened up and told him about my school fee issue. Then and there he asked for my account details and promised to send me the money the following day. I actually forgot about the call the following day and I didn’t send him the account details. He called me and said he hasn’t seen any message from me. I sent him my account details and within minutes I got an alert. The money he sent was way more than the school fee I was owing! I quickly went to pay the fee and took care of other necessary things. By the following week, I was able to start the exam with my peers. The whole thing happened so fast and it all felt like I was in a dream. I knew for sure it was the prayer to St. Jude that got me this favor from God. Ever since then, St. Jude has been my run-to-saint when faced with difficult issues I need immediate answers to and to the glory of God I am a graduate today!

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