Stage 4 to Zero

I pray a daily rosary at lunch at the Dominican Church, Rosary Shrine of St. Jude in D.C. (it’s walking distance from my office). They have a concluding prayer to St Jude, in which I had been asking for intercessory prayers for a few months for my cousin (in her 30s) with stage 4 cancer and on palliative care …pretty hopeless and impossible cause. Several weeks ago I received the below text from my mother.
…from my Mother: an update post from my Aunt and Uncle:

TO GOD THE GLORY. We’re overwhelmed with emotion! Pet scan revealed No cancer! A miracle as the Dr told Jennifer Weber. Said she’s one of a kind. Said he’d not seen anything like this. Said her immune system worked far above what should have been. Jennifer’s response to him. It was all the prayers! All the glory to God! It’s not my time. It’s not my time to go just yet. Going from stage 4 Melanoma and on palliative care to pet scan showing no cancer at all. She had cancer in her lung, spine, bones liver, female organs and scalp. Now gone. Our God is Awesome!

…as you can see, St. Jude has a new friend in me and I will be forever grateful for his petitions to God and what this has done for my family.

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