Thank you, St. Jude

I was a driver of a tricycle (keke) which I wanted to sell for two reasons. 1) As a commercial driver, my job does not allow me the opportunity to pray as I desire. Once I come back from work, it’s just to eat and sleep as I would have been very tired. 2) My keke was already getting old. So, given these two reasons, I wanted to sell it and use the proceeds to support my other business and then change line. However, other newer kekes were on the road with “for sale” sign on them but they have not been sold. Then during the novena to St. Jude, I petitioned him to assist me get my keke sold. I participated actively for the nine days and just a day after the novena, two persons came to buy the keke. Then I sold it to one of them who had the cash. On the second day, my son’s delayed result in the university was equally released.

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